What Else Have I Missed?

Someone showed me a “duh” trick on my phone the other day. I felt like an idiot for not knowing it earlier. You’ve probably experienced this too.

But, the really sad truth is that there are plenty more things all of us could be doing right now, at this moment, that would make life easier. Instead, we often plod along on our well-worn path, hoping that progress doesn’t overtake us somewhere along the road.

How to make sure this isn’t you?

  1. Instead of playing Solitaire or Candy Crush, Google your questions or watch a TEDTalk
  2. Explore technology tips on your phone or laptop
  3. Take classes
  4. Get a mentor
  5. Ask smart people questions
  6. Turn off your ego and admit you don’t know
  7. Quit making yourself irrelevant by talking about the way things “used to be”

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