Give It a Minute

Before you


give up on hope or love

lose your resolve

or say those painful words

to yourself

or to someone else

give it a minute

step away from the ledge

or the cave 

or the dungeon of your pain

and look around at the wide world


Even as a detour sign

for someone coming along after

or as a mockery of yourself

or of sanity

unfurl the flag of you

and run with it into the fray

or wave it in surrender

to the Universe who brought you here

and the battle will turn in your favor


Just give it a minute

an hour

a day

a week

or a year to change 

the course of the river

that runs alive with you


It starts with a minute

photo by Actions Schmactions

2 thoughts on “Give It a Minute

  1. Wow, this gave me the motivation I needed to keep pushing through a project that I’m working on. Thank you!

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