Want a Bigger Life This Year?

If you think it is money, looks, or politics that are holding you back, you are wrong.

The real things that make us small, boring, and irritating:

  • greed (worrying about getting or keeping your share of time, attention, money, fun, sleep, anything)
  • being jealous or judgmental
  • self-absorbtion
  • anxiety and fear
  • pretending to be something we are not
  • complaining, criticizing, talking too much
  • being preachy or pushy
  • arrogance

Things that enlarge our lives and our circle of friends and advocates:

  • generosity
  • acceptance without judgement
  • depth in our words and thoughts
  • authenticity
  • sense of humor about ourselves
  • courage
  • complimenting, appreciating, listening
  • passion for personal growth

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