You Are a Prophet

brian tracy quote

A friend of mine wondered why her hair was falling out by the handfuls. Whenever I was around her, she always casually described how busy she was as “I’m pulling my hair out.”

Another friend told me that she had to have surgery to reattach her bladder. She constantly was angry and expressed her discontent with people and circumstances as “I’m pissed off.”

I was upset that my flight was delayed an hour and complained to my husband, “I’ll probably be stuck here all night.” I was.

I am not superstitious.

However, I now acknowledge the scientific reality that our words and thoughts send waves out into the universe and those waves have the power to change things.

Disbelieve at your own peril.

5 thoughts on “You Are a Prophet

  1. I don’t disbelieve … Ithink you’re quite right. Our words create our reality.

  2. Well written Pam…awesome food for thought!!!

  3. Yes, we are creators! We attract what we visualize and what we speak. ❤ this

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