How to Waste an Opinion

We waste our opinions when we…

  1. Use them to build walls.
    • See: Iron Curtain, death on barbed wire and electric fences, nonsensical and unproductive political opposition, civil war
  2. Let them become our identity.
    • See: Fanatic, Dallas Violence, homicide, suicide bomber, intolerant, arrogant
  3. Get frustrated or angry when others do not share them.
    • See: Dysfunctional families, mental illness, alienation, manipulation, Facebook ranting and unfriending
  4. Force them upon someone else (even when we think they will save their lives).
    • See: Holy War, The Spanish Inquisition, burning at the stake, ISIS, arguing about religion and politics, discrimination

Our opinions are productive when we…

  1. Use them to connect and construct solutions.
  2. Use them to define our own boundaries.
  3. Get curious, listen, share, and appreciate differences.
  4. Remember the Good Samaritan.

You may be right. No one cares if you are not good.

Mercy triumphs over judgment.

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