Sad about the World?

When the list of bad things seems to outweigh the good, when it doesn’t seem worth the struggle, when evil seems to be winning, when the future seems tiresome (or frightening)…

I must change the channel.

I must shake it up, get out of my head, step forward into something productive, and vow to do whatever my part is to change the world for someone else.

Even when I cannot change the scenery, I can always change the movie that is playing in my head. I can play the track that gives me hope: the one that reminds me of my power, or of the people who have made my life worthwhile. I can read books with unlikely heroes who rose up against the beast and said, “Bring it on!”

And, along with these heroes that I admire, I can say with trembling conviction, “I may not win, but, by God,  I will die trying!”

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