Olympic Jealousy

Motivational speaker, Vince Poscente tells the story of feeling like a loser when he saw a college friend march in an Olympics’ opening ceremony parade. He then embarked on a life-changing journey by deciding if his friend had done it… so could he!

Four years later he competed as a downhill speed skier (having never done the sport before)!

Vince’s story of courage, determination, and strategy is profoundly encouraging to anyone wanting to write a better life story for themselves.

Reflecting the other choice, this is the first couplet of my friend Jan Smith’s poem,

Prayer for the Melancholy and Mediocre:

Now I lay me down to cry

I fear my life has passed me by…


What will you do with your I coulda, woulda, shoulda regrets?


(originally posted for 2012 Olympics)

One thought on “Olympic Jealousy

  1. Hey Pam, I have a friend with the same name of Jan smith. She has never written a poem, I don’t think, but I wrote a limerick about her. ha. Your friends’ poem is so true 🙂

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