When We Believe We Have No Value

Feeling worthless generates all kinds of chaos and is probably responsible for a majority of the world’s ills. Whenever we are uncertain of our value, we do very strange things to compensate, such as…

  • withdrawing to avoid rejection
  • trying to overshadow others’ value
  • becoming violent or painfully passive
  • despairing of life
  • blaming and shaming ourselves or others
  • attempting to numb out the pain with addictions
  • shutting down vital elements of our personalities

All with bitter consequences.

But, the most bitter element of the whole experience is that we have always had value in spite of all the measurements we may site that indicate otherwise.


4 thoughts on “When We Believe We Have No Value

  1. Jonny Hornsey

    Love it Pam! Its something that we need reminding of each day!

  2. I’ve battled with these feelings of worthlessness my whole life. My blog is actually what helped me see my.worth. Every repercussion you listed is so true…thanks for sharing the reminder that is oh so needed!!

  3. Me too NJ. So glad you have learned through your blog. It is a constant work of love for me too, but we are making progress right?? Thanks so much for your friendship!

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