Why Our Relationships Suck

…because most of us don’t realize how absent we have been. We have been focused, not upon others, but upon our own agenda, thinking about…

  • what comes next
  • what happened before
  • what we are going to say
  • what we are worried about
  • why they are looking at us funny
  • what we look like
  • how we look compared to how they look
  • what we don’t like about them
  • how uncomfortable we feel
  • why they don’t like us

When we finally drop all that attention-sucking self-talk inside our head and just be there, everything changes. We will…

  • listen better
  • understand who people really are
  • notice their beauty
  • value them as they deserve to be valued
  • feel more kindness, forgiveness, and love toward them
  • remember names and what they have told us before
  • attract caring and attentive people to us

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