Good Reasons to Doubt Our Own Opinions

  1. Illusory superiority
    • Stemming from a need to feel important
    • Our propensity to evaluate our surroundings as if we are the center of the universe
    • The presence of a self-protective outer shell that repels important information
  2. Lack of omniscience and omnipresence
    • Difficult for us to remember this (duh)
    • Who the f do we think we are?
  3. Tendency to forget our own bloopers and remember everyone else’s
    • Our built-in blame and shame radar is always searching for others’ faults
  4. We’ve been way-off before
    • See history of discrimination against blacks, women, gays, immigrants, religions, mentally challenged, etc.
    • Remember how we bullied or hurt others when we were young or disrespected people we should have listened to
    • Even when we have been “absolutely” sure we were right


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