If You Are Feelin’ Kinda Stale

When we are feeling stale or stagnant and our life is less than what we expected, regardless of the cause, there are some things we can do to freshen up. In fact, it is imperative that we take charge of doing that immediately, even when it seems impossible, because, in this state, we can guarantee that…

We stink!

It’s not just you and I, the stale and stagnant, that are suffering. Those who have to live around us need relief just as badly. Phew!

So what do we do?

Just as wilting flowers do, we desperately need fresh, clean, cool water in order to revive. The source of that refreshment comes from seeing, thinking, hearing, and doing something different.


2 thoughts on “If You Are Feelin’ Kinda Stale

  1. So true and I love the quotes.

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