How to Avoid Political Disappointment

Politics don’t have to disappoint us.

I became a lot happier and nicer to people when I accepted these truths:

  • No politician can save us.
  • Whoever is elected will screw up and be mercilessly accused of screwing up.
  • If I have to be mean to prove my point, I have already lost.
  • We’ve been wrong before. (Lincoln was so unpopular that, after elected, he had to sneak into Washington in disguise.)
  • There are good people with good motives in every political party.
  • The pendulum will swing back.
  • My passion for my country is a force for good only when it is combined with deep passion and honor for people of every group and every nation.
  • I am a member of, and responsible to, the human race first; a citizen of the world (not just of my particular country or party).

2 thoughts on “How to Avoid Political Disappointment

  1. That ruled. Pam for president!


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  2. haha Thanks Sean!!! Made my day!

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