Tortured by Phantoms of Rejection

Abject terror! My heart is racing. I am in a terrifying maze, several stories high, open and dangerous, running and hiding to escape malevolent, ghostly creatures who are descending upon me to destroy.  When I successfully dodge them, they regroup and drop down upon me with doubled fury. Waking suddenly, I cry out loud, “Phantoms of rejection!”

I sit up in bed and think about the implications; how fear of failure had stifled me, how “rejection scars” are still holding me back from taking new risks, and, how I have been unwilling to admit my fear of being under-valued by other humans. Wow.

While millions are dealing with the real demons of war, poverty, disease, and brutality, I am incapacitated by phantoms of rejection.

It’s about time I grew up and faced down my demons.

Or I can continue to live small and infect others with my pettiness.

face your demons before you become one

2 thoughts on “Tortured by Phantoms of Rejection

  1. Pam, one of the best-written “Two-Minute Tune-Ups” ever! Well done.

  2. Thanks Bern! I appreciate your support and help so I can be better…as always.

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