Useful Epiphany from an Unlikely Source

I am running hard after a high-velocity tennis ball that seems impossible to reach, but, somehow I stretch and launch it back to win the point.

While my body is doing this, my mind is asking if playing tennis really matters. In the next moment, I am recalling the story of a former employee who had been brutally attacked.

Helpless, on her knees,  restrained from behind with a knife at her throat while her sister was screaming in the bathroom, Diana had to choose between action and despair. The attacker said he was going to rape and kill them both, so Diana did something she had never done before; she formed a fist, straightened her elbow, and thrust her arm behind her as fast and hard as she could, smashing into the attacker’s genitals. Her attacker doubled over in horrific pain, releasing Diana as he fell. She grabbed his knife, rescued her sister, and ran for help.

Compared to this, of course, tennis is inconsequential.

But, what if…this story came to my mind for a reason?

What if…the courage, maximum effort, and quick thinking I used today on the court is, ultimately, for a greater, more serious purpose?

What if…all of life is like that?

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