Chopping Off the Dread that Hangs Over Our Head

I just noticed how terribly weighty a task is that makes me feel incompetent or below average; how I will avoid this task and let it cloud up my day and darken my future, and how, the only way I can escape the storm (that comes when I don’t do this task) is to meet it head-on.

From painful personal experiences, I am learning that these tests of my character are intentional, that they will keep coming back until I learn to be more courageous, honest, strong, persistent, patient, loving or whatever it is that I am deficient in.

Like, recently, when I had to go talk to someone who wasn’t happy with me…

It felt like going to execution (because my personality type hates disapproval and rejection so much).

But, after looking at it as a practicum in self-development and remembering that if I didn’t pass the test, I’d have to retake it, I…to my great relief…just got ‘er done.


face down your demons

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