Are You a Stiff?

A daily, simple stretching routine transforms my stiff back and tight legs into free, painless agents for working and playing. It still amazes me how quickly I go from slowly creaking around to quick, carefree maneuvering.

Same is true about my spirit.

I might wake up feeling down, pathetic, wimpy, troubled, or disappointed. After, a simple “stretching routine” of reading, meditation, prayer, gratitude, and/or affirmations, wow! I am suddenly a spiritual track star, leaping over obstacles in a single bound. It is really hard to explain the transformation.

all in your head

Got a routine for relief?
Get out of your head…that’s where the excuses live.
Enlighten yourself.

2 thoughts on “Are You a Stiff?

  1. Remember the joke of getting up with 5 men every morning? .. Ben gay ect. That’s me! Yoga helps but….

    • haha I forgot about that one! Our body, as our spirit, requires lots of tender love and care doesn’t it? I have finally learned to nurture them more often. Thanks for your friendship.

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