Got Endorphins?

Joking that we could all use legal drugs, I told a time-management class that crossing things off a to-do list facilitates the release of natural, pain-killing endorphins. A guy on the first roll, exclaimed, “Wow, I didn’t know that. I’m going to write ‘Get a divorce’ on my list so I can cross it off!”

Not exactly where I was going.

However, the endorphin thing is useful information.

I make lists just so I can cross them off. And, when I do, I do it with passion, even if it is just…

  1. Get out of bed. Check.
  2. Wash face. Check.
  3. Brush teeth. Check.
  4. Get dressed. Check.
  5. Smile at the future. Check.

Image result for endorphins make you happy quote

When we give ourselves credit for making progress, however small we consider it to be, we do ourselves (and those who must live around us) a really big favor.

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