A Theory That Really Screws Us Up

That erroneous theory (that began driving so many of our weird behaviors as early as elementary school)?

The theory that we are more screwed up than everyone else.

By the time I finished kindergarten, I had an elaborate web of lies to hide behind. Fear of being found out to be not as smart, good, strong, worthy, loved, rich, talented, endowed, worldly-wise, attractive, or normal as everyone else appeared to be.

I didn’t start the process of letting myself out of this dungeon until I completely owned my humanity and became vulnerable enough about it that others started letting me see the reflection of it in them.

That’s freedom. No apologies. No pretention. Just being who I am, on the road to improvement.

Image result for we are only as sick as our secrets

hide nothing

2 thoughts on “A Theory That Really Screws Us Up

  1. I’m on this amazing journey right now of truth and honesty with myself and my readers. Although difficult at times, I know the risks that come from choosing not to be. I love this post!

  2. So good Josie. Thanks for breaking the chain of lies and making a difference!

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