Loser Lessons

(Adapted from a 2014 Two-Minute Tune-Up blog)

When I can’t seem to complete a project or move ahead, or when I procrastinate or become unproductive, many times it is because I feel anything but successful.

When that “loser” feeling is accompanied by unemployment or being passed over, procrastination and unproductive behaviors escalate to the next level. Then, engagement or re-engagement can only happen when I feel some kind of hope about myself again.

I used to wait for something in my circumstances to change so I could feel that hope. (That was mostly miserable.) Now, I ask, “What do I need to learn, change, or do differently?”

Then I listen. I get to work accepting advice, making changes, and most importantly, changing what I say to myself.

outrun your limitations

Each step is a small victory…and a “loser vaccination.”

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