Has Beens

  • Have you ever met someone who wanted you to know how great he or she used to be?
  • Do you know someone who drops names and brags about their past accolades every chance they get?
  • Have you ever laughed at someone “past their prime” who was unsuccessfully attempting to look or act younger?
  • How about someone who whines about all the injustices of growing old?

Irritating, huh?

Yet, it may be useful to notice that all of us will someday be a “has been.”  So, if our identity is wrapped up in anything temporary (such as work, sports, looks, titles, awards, relationships, or possessions), we should probably consider the urgency of investing in our inner life, since…only it will last.

Image result for identity crisis quote


2 thoughts on “Has Beens

  1. Wow.., a Vince Gill quote from Pam Boyd…how unusual is that???

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