Got People Trouble?

This was a good reminder for me today. I thought there might be someone else who needed it too. Better day to you!

Two-Minute Tune-Up


Every cell in our body is affected by how we think and feel about ourselves and others. If we want to save ourselves the trouble of dis-ease and enjoy healthy, happy, relaxed, energetic, and peaceful minds and bodies, we must believe Kipling.

Don’t worry about people disappointing us. When we believe that people are doing the best they can (with the knowledge and resources they have at the time), and that they are like us, trying to get around the block with the least amount of pain (and learning as they go), our expectations will be more realistic.

We’re not in charge of judgment anyway. That’s someone else’s job–someone who has all the information.

Do yourself a favor and save yourself the trouble.

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