Frustrations and Inconveniences

A wreck, a trying schedule, an injury, a miscommunication, an oversight, and a couple of disappointments, all topped off with some painful criticism. Doesn’t sound like the best week. Yet, I am here at its end, counting up the…

  • lessons I learned from the pain
  • adjustments I will make
  • other joys still intact
  • opportunities to make a difference still to come
  • so many bigger things than these

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Life gone wrong it seems

Weighted thoughts saying so

Holding counsel against my soul

Dragging my captured and weakened will

Down into the darkened tomb of dead minutes

Away, so close but so far away, from

The bold, explosive birth of new ones

New minutes of opportunity

So potently fertilized

With surrender

6 thoughts on “Frustrations and Inconveniences

  1. …and after rain has to come sun – that’s the only thought that makes me sane 🙂

  2. Bravo!!! This is a marvelous post. It works that way sometimes, some of our worst times turn into the best lessons. Thank you for sharing you.

  3. Thank you Juju! Great day to you.

  4. What a week you had, Pam! And already you are turning it around, towards the positive. You are such an inspiration! May this week be filled with much happiness and joy.

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