What Authenticity Isn’t

I’m always worried that when I talk about authenticity someone is going to think that I am telling them to be loud, or weird, or to ignore social mores. Doing those things does not make a person authentic, especially when their identity is tied to being different or to “appearing” authentic. That’s tiring and irritating.

Someone who is truly authentic, instead of tying up their time trying to stand out, is merely being themselves, so has more time to notice the world around them and to enjoy others. That’s rare and refreshing.

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Once someone is vulnerable, transparent, and whole, then they have access to the explosive, natural power that will make a truly unique contribution to the world.

“The power of creativity is aligned with authenticity.” – Angeles Arrien

…not with showmanship.

2 thoughts on “What Authenticity Isn’t

  1. Well written Pam Boyd, great message!

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