Two-Minute Tune-Up 12.1.12 I’ll Take Today…As Is

Saturday repost…if you need a nudge into sanity as I do. Great day to you!

Two-Minute Tune-Up


As long as we are not fighting against, but rather accepting what is, peace is possible.

I’m not suggesting that we roll over and play dead. Quite the opposite.

Fighting passionately for our dreams is a path to peace.

Fighting against our circumstances is a path to frustration. And, when we are frustrated, our dreams become farther out of reach.

Be happy now. Right now. Specifically, no complaining, no whining, no giving your energy away to things you cannot change.

This is the most efficient and direct route to your dreams. Try it and see if all the inconveniences, discomforts, pains, accidents, and disagreeable people are really merely a fascinating part of your master plan to happiness.

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