From Black and White to Real

The people I enjoy being around the most have learned not to…

  • spout one-sided declarations
  • pontificate about everything
  • pronounce judgement on people they dislike
  • be so black and white about themselves, others, and life

They own their faults yet remain high in self-esteem.

They are honest about who they are yet at work on their dark side.

They can be repelled by what someone does yet still care about the one who did it.

They get angry at someone yet remain loving toward them.


They can see the worst possibilities and yet remain hopeful.

They can  be generous and yet remain self-nurturing.

They can be afraid yet capable of acting.

These people are neither black nor white. They are real.

(inspired by David Richo)


2 thoughts on “From Black and White to Real

  1. Starting to believe the more simple the writing, the sharper the arrow.

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