You Are So Predictable

We can be so naively unaware how our words can be mind-numbing to those who live around us. We often use worn out phrases and clichés without even thinking about it. For example:

To be honest with you… (really? what were we being before?)

I can’t believe this… (because we prefer to live in denial?)

If you will… (what the heck does that mean? if I will what?)

Nobody’s perfect… (like we need to be reminded?)

I don’t have time for this… (and we are going to save time by complaining?)

So boring. So predicable. So ho hum.

If we listen to ourselves, we might find we are just parroting other people, trying to sound cool, or just filling up the airspace. We might find that we are talking from a small place instead of a large place; stealing energy instead of giving it.


What if we all made a commitment (for at least 24 hrs) to only say the most meaningful words?

2 thoughts on “You Are So Predictable

  1. These are refreshing; just great!


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