Unlikely Escapes

Even when our circumstances seem completely hopeless.

Even when there are no options.

Even when all doors are barred and guarded by malignant, hideous, malevolent forces.


We don’t have to stay anywhere forever.

That seems a ridiculous thought when…

  • pain causes moments to feel like years
  • random and horrible things have paralyzed us
  • there are no advocates, no miracles, and nothing new to try


As Neil Gaiman meant by his quote, we always have our imagination, our mind, books to escape into, our attitude, and our mortality, which, inevitably, brings an end to all things.

But, if we are as wise as Neil, we will use all of what we have, right now, to escape early and often.

From my worst prisons I have been rescued by books, by Neuro-Linguistic Programming, by wisdom stored up long ago.

5 thoughts on “Unlikely Escapes

  1. I used to use sleep as a form of escape. Over the years I used reading. I no longer need an escape, I need self-care and self-nurture which come in the forms of meditation, going for walks in nature, blogging, watching the sunrise, journaling about what I’m most grateful for, and reminding myself to live in the moment I’m in. Thank you for sharing this. ❤

    • Yes!! So glad. Once we find we are in charge and can change our focus, our world transforms, becoming inhabitable again!

      • Oh yes! It was a process and it was difficult at the time but I’m so glad that I persevered! Life is so amazing and great on the other side of depression! It’s not that it’s perfect but that I’ve been able to find happiness regardless of any circumstances or situations. I’m finally healthy and the negative things that come up are like colds they can get me down temporarily but I know I can knock them out! ❤

      • Niki,
        So good! I feel the same way. And now I can get over depression just by thinking about how one incident used to knock me out for weeks, but now, I can bounce back in an hour or a day. So remarkable to experience growth, and, as you said, depression on the other side.

      • Yes! That’s one of the ways I realized how far I’d come. I went through a difficult situation and while unpleasant it didn’t send me in retreat under the covers like it would have a year prior. That’s when I realized, hey I’ve made some progress! I’m so happy for you Pam! Keep spreading the light for others to see ❤

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