Have You Seen Them?

Feeling invisible made me feel the most hopeless. Having yet to learn to validate myself, I was always hoping that someone else would say that I was good for something. Few noticed my struggle to stay afloat in this sea of anonymity. They were, after all, too occupied dog-paddling themselves to safety.

Now that I can at least dog-paddle, I swim back, aware that words can be life-savers; aware of the millions who need to be seen and encouraged. Some won’t be rescued, but I can at least look long into the face of those who have painstakingly made it this far and acknowledge their beauty.

Image result for benjamin disraeli quotes

The trick is seeing past our own faces…to theirs.

(On behalf of children, challenged adults, the poor, strangers, veterans, homeless, the oppressed, ostracized, and rejected.)


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