Before We Bash


Before we bash the leaders of the election debacle for everything under the sun, we might consider getting off our high horse long enough to recall…

  • times we have slung our own share of mud at family members, exes, bosses, coworkers, neighbors, teachers, and cable companies
  • hyperbolic indictments we have made against rivals or merely those who disagreed with, or contradicted us
  • grudges we have held
  • bridges we have burned
  • blame and shame we have passed around like a virus
  • reputations we have tarnished with adolescent-like gossip

After all, the debacle would not be happening if we “noble Americans” and humanoids were not such practiced and gullible targets for pathetically embarrassing and immature tactics.

Image result for mudslinging

I detest the deafening static of the election as much as anyone, so I am not suggesting we should embrace it; only that we should look at the TV or computer screen carefully enough to see our own reflection staring back at us.

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