Kill Joy?

I hate to confess this, but I was cranky about attending an event because I knew I would see people there who would notice that I was fatter and older. I guess I thought I would be the only one there who had aged or eaten and drank too much in the last ten years.

I wasn’t.

But, this whole waste of energy episode urged me to make and keep these commitments to myself:

  1. Don’t base my enjoyment of any gathering on how I look or how I think I look
  2. Quit trying to hold on to illusions that I can escape the ravages of age
  3. Remember that the gift I bring to any gathering is enjoying others (versus trying to impress others)
  4. Be aware that comparisons to other people for the purpose of patting myself on the back or chiding myself will always kill joy
  5. Recognize that my favorite people have kind hearts, good minds, and ready smiles (versus any other superficial criteria)

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2 thoughts on “Kill Joy?

  1. We’re all in the same boat aren’t we? All getting older but hopefully wiser … 😊

    • Getting wiser is the trade off, that’s for sure. If I will use all the time I spend worrying about, and camouflaging, the decline of my body for learning instead, I can accelerate the process too!

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