Yesterday, reading “in-your-Facebook” posts about jerks and persecutors started to sound like, “You’re so bad, but I’m such a good, vindictive victim.”

After listening for a while to a popular artist sing about the men who disappointed her, the lyrics began to sound like, “I’m a victim. I’m such a victim. I can’t help it. It’s so sad, but I’m a victim.”

Then, chatter in a public place began sounding like an oh-so-pathetic broken record of he said, and she did, and they shouldn’t, and we so deserve better than this, followed by a loud chorus of “I’m-a-victim.”

I was bored, knowing the chorus well, because I was one; a poor-me victim, angry at anyone who said so…until I realized that bad things happen to everyone but some of them decide to quit thinking about it and take charge of their own happiness.

Image result for victim quotes

(Before Paulo Coelho was a successful author, among other unfortunate experiences, he was institutionalized three times, kidnapped, and held captive by insurgents.)

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