Feeling “Up” and “Down” for the Wrong Reasons

When I feel let down, often it is because my “up” feeling (before I crashed) was based upon the wrong things:

  • What others said about me or about my work
  • How others made me feel important or useful
  • Unrealistic expectations of myself and others
  • How busy my business was
  • An inaccurate (or un-tried) opinion of myself
  • Temporary conditions
  • Sugar, alcohol, or other substances

More solid reasons to feel “up” are reasons that are not so subject to change.

  • Confidence in my innate value
  • Gratitude for life all around me
  • Appreciation for all of the life I have been dealt

Image result for mindfulness quotes

Discontent can be deadly, unless we embrace reality, rather than attempting an escape from it. This is the only “authorized” and reliable starting block for improving our moods.

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