Two-Minute Tune-Up 12.26.12 Lesson from the Three-Legged Dog, Coyote

Saturday rerun. Still inspired by this. I hope you will be too.

Two-Minute Tune-Up

I’ve often wondered how our adopted dog must have felt when he awoke from surgery without his leg and any forewarning that it would be gone. But, people who work with veterinarians say that animals don’t mourn their lost limbs; generally waking up from surgery wagging their tails. Coyote certainly seems to make the best of things without it.

When fate deals us amputations (not only of limbs, but also friends, family, lovers, homes, jobs, futures, etc.), we would all do well to learn from the dogs and drop the self-pity.

What an inspiration, hero, and a marvel our dog has been. Today, we humans can be heroes by merely smiling at the future and determining to make the absolute best of it.

“Henceforth, I ask not good fortune. I, myself, am good fortune.”  – Walt Whitman


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