Fed by the Birds

Even in the city

Nature nourishes

When I peek out of my over-tended nest

To marvel at the rituals and flight maneuvers of crows

And listen to their squawking voices

To silence 

The droning static of my own


Big life is living everywhere around me 

As mine flies quickly by

Sustained today, as Elijah,

By birds of the ancient sky

Image result for crows in the city

I know that some of my readers don’t particularly enjoy poetry. So, for you, today’s word is STOP. Stop long enough to question the seriousness of the noise inside to find sustenance outside.

6 thoughts on “Fed by the Birds

  1. Lovely poem. I adore crows.

  2. Thank you JUju! Me too. I just read The Atomic Weight of Love. Have you read it? Essential for crow lovers!

  3. Love this, very nicely written.

  4. Thank you Miriam. Means a lot coming from you…but who can take credit for the words that come to us, right?

  5. I enjoyed the poem so don’t STOP. I’ll look at crows differently the next time I encounter one.

    • Thank you John. Very nice of you to say and so nice to hear from you! I also have noticed crows more lately…especially since reading The Atomic Weight of Love.

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