For the Banished

There is no other time when we feel so alone than after the loss of someone who loved us: The vacuous sucking feeling in our chest, the unwillingness to believe, the confusion about how to proceed, the belief that healing will never come, and other screwed-up feelings of rage, guilt, and betrayal.

Complete isolation and banishment from what formerly was our life.

Yet, in reality, there has never been a time in our lives when we have had the most companions. Sucked into the vortex of ourselves, we are blind to the multitudes of broken men and women around us, on all sides: broken, battered hearts that have crumbled into a thousand tiny pieces: people on every block and every corner, dealing with mammoth or hideous loses of all varieties. People who know, who really know the pain.

Open the door to this brotherhood and sisterhood; find the tiniest light of recovery.

Image result for world of broken hearts

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