The Life-Changing Question

It seems I have the same two choices everyday:

  1. I can live as if my own needs and priorities are critical and urgent, or
  2. I can live as if the needs and priorities of those around me are just as important as my own.

Selecting the first option, in the grocery store, I see my list and the most efficient path to getting what I need. My subconscious might ask questions such as, “Why won’t people get out of my way?” or “Why doesn’t he get a job?” or “Why doesn’t she take better care of herself?”

When I select the second option, I notice the skinny, young man using his last dollar to pick up a prescription for his sick kid. I see the frail woman with Alzheimer’s being led around by a detached caregiver. I notice a depressed and angry man buying one-portion sizes. I see the subconscious, unattractive woman who won’t make eye-contact. And, I ask the life-changing question, “What more can I do to help?”

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