Top Ten Ways to Keep a Bad Day from Getting You Down

One of the easiest things for us to do is to shrink smaller and smaller into our own concerns. If we want to take charge of bad days and have more good days, seeing a larger world is the first step to taking ourselves less seriously.

10. If you can’t remember or have never experienced it, Google poverty

9.   Visit residents in a nursing facility

8.   Read the obituaries

7.   Volunteer at a homeless shelter or children’s hospital

6.   Ask a Cambodia, Syrian, Vietnamese, or Armenian refugee to tell you their story

5.   Turn off the TV and notice how many of your neighbors are hurting inside

4.   Talk to an Iraq or Afghanistan vet

3.   See and appreciate the journeys of physically and mentally challenged adults

2.   Join a group that helps prisoners

1.   Read blogs and watch YouTube and TED videos about everyday heroes who refused to live small lives!

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