How Much?

I have so much to do.

I have just enough to do.

I heard myself playing the “so much to do” sound track as soon as I woke up this morning. After quickly changing the verbiage to “just enough to do,” I felt lighter, stronger, and in control.

The “I’ve got so much to do” mantra is dangerous because it subtly tells my brain…

  • “Oh no, I am in over my head.”
  • “Poor me.”
  • “This won’t be any fun.”
  • “It’s not fair.”
  • “My life is a load of trouble.”
  • “Work is not a privilege.”

Many of us are so used to this too-busy mindset, that we spend the whole holiday season complaining about having to go to parties, buy gifts, or prepare meals: all privileges that half of the world doesn’t have.

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