Taking Entitlement Out of Thanksgiving

Entitlement is so obnoxious when someone else struts it around, wearing their sense of importance like a cape.

But, sometimes I fail to recognize my own entitlement with subtle opinions such as “I earned or deserved this,” or “I did this all by myself.”

The haunting words from a recent dream, “Pam, you can never do enough to be entitled, because you owe so much” came to me this morning as I stepped out of the shower I didn’t invent or design, reached for a towel I didn’t weave, stepped onto the floor I didn’t construct, with feet I didn’t create, to prepare for a day that might never have come.

It put Thanksgiving in a whole new light.

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2 thoughts on “Taking Entitlement Out of Thanksgiving

  1. Your wisdom just never ceases to amaze me!!

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