The Problem of Families

I don’t know very many families without dysfunction of some type, or without multiple varieties of dysfunction, yet, so many who suffer with difficult family relationships, to their detriment, go on believing…

  • they are alone in their suffering
  • their pain is worse than that of others
  • they have been cheated out of the family they need and deserve

Peace came for me when I scanned ancient and recent world history enough to be convinced that…

  • families have always been a breeding ground for ego, jealousy, unrealistic expectations, and selfishness
  • those who escape the “smallness,” train, and gain wisdom on the family battleground, will be useful for many generations to come
  • accepting what is, instead of arguing with this reality, is the first step to freedom

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2 thoughts on “The Problem of Families

  1. A few years back now I made the decision to cut ties and communication with my family of origin. I’m not saying this is for everyone, but this post made me want to share a little of my story too. It came down to realizing that I couldn’t expect my parents to change how respect my boundaries, and that continuing the relationship would very likely have negative and damaging impacts on my son (then two years old). The struggle now is finding our new tribe.

    Thanks for the post.

    • So sorry for your pain. I am glad you are experiencing some relief and pray for love and forgiveness to overshadow the hurt and the feelings of loss and betrayal. Thank you for taking the time to share your life.

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