Easiest Way to Look Pathetic

Most of us spend so much time noticing when other people look pathetic that we don’t notice when we look pathetic.

We appear the most pathetic when we are unwilling to listen to, adjust to, or solicit advice. This behavior causes us to be stuck in serious ruts that derail or block our progress.

The most common offenders are clinging to illusions about…

  • our appearance: Thinking something ridiculous looks attractive, i.e. toupees, comb-overs, clothes that are too young or too tight on us, too much hair color, make up, jewelry, etc.
  • our generation: Thinking the olden days were the golden days and criticizing modernization or, on the other side, underappreciating history.
  • our opinions: Thinking we are always right, superior, or profound.
  • our importance: Thinking that we are more important than any other human being.


4 thoughts on “Easiest Way to Look Pathetic

  1. Yep, not very appealing

  2. Great message Pam !!!!!

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