Find the Space

When it feels crowded in my head

And I can’t find a moment to rest

When things do not seem to be going well

 Or improving

When obstacle after obstacle is ahead

With wild dysfunction and disconnect

There is one thing that will help

(Even though I am skeptical

And it appears disturbingly counterproductive)


Give stillness the space it demands.


Stop talking, plotting, searching, texting, scrambling, and working


Give stillness the space it demands.


Go quickly, without resistance to that wide place

Where, inside me, I can find a cooperative universe

Unveiling a path into silence, acceptance, order, and confidence


Why, oh why, did I waste so much time getting there?


(For those who have pin-ball brains similar to mine, stopping it is no easy task. Try this: Sit quietly and notice your breathing. With every breath in, think “just.” With every breath out, think “this.” Repeat as long as it takes for “just this” breath to be all you are thinking about.)

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