Editing Our Stories

I’ve noticed that, as on our resumes, we tend to leave out the uncomplimentary parts when sharing our stories with someone. I am becoming more aware of my own tendency to do this, and know that the behavior stems mostly from insecurity. I fear looking…

  • stupid
  • unworthy
  • less
  • like a failure
  • guilty

Of course, airing my dirty laundry isn’t always helpful to an audience, or something I should do indiscriminately. Motive should function as the important question behind my omissions; Am I posturing, hiding, scrambling for acceptance, or am I humbly willing to be truly genuine when called upon?


Honesty is the highest form of intimacy. That’s why relationships die in the presence of secrets.

2 thoughts on “Editing Our Stories

  1. In the spirit of “Crucial Conversations” and great Leadership traits, showing vulnerability is a skill that is rarely demonstrated; in my experience, done so by a very few people. Once we get comfortable with being vulnerable, life tends to get easier.

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