Courage Is So Sexy

While eating at an outdoor café recently, a large, intimidating man staggered down the sidewalk, picking fights with random customers. People were cowering and clearing away from him until the owner appeared out of nowhere. He was smaller and much older than the man who threatened the guests, but his fearless manner, undaunted by the unexpected challenge, and his quick, courageous action sent the intruder on his way.

Afterwards, the atmosphere was charged with the owner’s charisma. All were appreciative, and many enamored. When I praised him, he responded with passion, “When someone threatens my guests, they threaten my family.”

I like to remember people like him when I am tempted to whither in fear, descend into whimpering, or withdraw from action. They remind me  what I will lose by settling for mediocre me.

Courageous people are:

  • sexy
  • attractive
  • admirable
  • impressive
  • inspiring
  • powerful
  • energizing
  • passionate
  • not obsessed with self-preservation
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2 thoughts on “Courage Is So Sexy

  1. chainbreakercorporation

    Very true!

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