Difference between Trying and Doing

I told my husband (and myself) that I was finally convinced that I could not multitask as well as I thought I could, AND, that I would try not to listen to audios or talk on my phone while I was parking or driving in traffic. Today, I crashed into a parking garage pillar because I was listening to audios while backing out. Two results:

  1. Expensive reinforcement that I should do what I said I would do
  2. Costly reminder of one good reason that I should take my commitments seriously enough to “do” instead of “try”

I was very lucky that I didn’t hit someone, instead of something.

In business there is a big financial difference between try and do. In life, the difference is more costly: a difference calculated in lives and relationships.

Image result for try and do

2 thoughts on “Difference between Trying and Doing

  1. Ouch! I hope there wasn’t too much damage.

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