The Narcissist in Us All

It is easy to complain about public figures or other difficult people being narcissistic, self-centered, selfish, or clueless and miss the same characteristics in myself…

When I can’t see past my own opinions

When I obsess about my own pain and difficulties

When I refuse to look outside my narrow boundaries

When I seek to eliminate my own pain at the expense of another’s

When I am jealous of someone else’s life.

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I am not saying that very harmful people with narcissistic disorder do not exist. I am saying that if I truly want to help matters, or if I want to shun or expose narcissistic behaviors, starting with myself is the only guarantee that I won’t become “them” in the process.

3 thoughts on “The Narcissist in Us All

  1. Very true indeed. Thank you for sharing! Cheers!!☺

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