Alone, Weird, Unfortunate, and Absolutely Inspiring

On the History Channel series, Alone, Callie North appears to be disconnected with reality when she first builds herself a chair instead of a shelter. (She used the chair to sit and admire the beauty of her Patagonia “home!”)

Later, it becomes clear that she knew the priority of fortifying her mind with beauty and gratitude in order to sustain her body through the rigors of the ordeal. While her competitors were wrestling with their demons of hunger and discontent, Callie appeared physically and mentally strong, even light-hearted. If not forced to tap out due to infected spider bites, her unorthodox strategy may have brought her the win.

It certainly brought me inspiration…and the message to keep my priorities right.

(I don’t usually watch this series, but so glad I “met” Callie North!)

Image result for Callie in Alone

3 thoughts on “Alone, Weird, Unfortunate, and Absolutely Inspiring

  1. I love love love this show!

    • I’ve only watched it a couple of times, but glad I did. What do you love the most about it?

      • I like how it is a reality show that actually shows the reality of survival outdoors. I love being outdoors and this watching these survival experts live out there is very educational and entertaining. No drama, just real people doing real things.

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