Hot Temper Coolant

A little late for a revelation, I admit it, but recently, I ran smack into the truth that I was quite an over-reactor when it came to slights and insults. While all this time I thought…

  • I was pretty mature
  • People were wrong when they told me to chill
  • Flying off the handle or collapsing into self-pity were legitimate ways to stand up for myself

Being aware of my hot-buttons and their origin (usually my ego) is quite an effective “coolant,” along with apologizing to offended parties, even though it is excruciatingly humiliating to own my pettiness and insecurities.

Image result for commit no pettiness




2 thoughts on “Hot Temper Coolant

  1. Great advice and insight as usual Pam !!!

  2. Thank you Frank! Always praying for you.

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