The Moon Was on the Other Side

The other night I marveled at the almost-full moon. The next morning, it was full…and on the other side of the sky. I was asleep when it all happened. No one asked for my help or my expertise to keep the earth and moon in their orbits.

When I am trapped in my own dramas, it certainly helps to remember this…and that…

  • I am a very small puzzle piece in a very big picture
  • the only rational explanation for me being here is to learn awe, gratitude, and usefulness
  • my stress, angst, jealousy, anger, or bitterness may be utterly ridiculous
  • history, science, and astronomy are great perspective enhancers

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4 thoughts on “The Moon Was on the Other Side

  1. Very true, what do our dramas compare to the magnificence of this creation. I once heard (and never forgot) “we are a speck on a speck”.

    • Yes! Speck on a speck is exactly right! I forgot about that. Thanks for reminding me, Sonya. And since we are specks on a speck, it will make it easier to keep our focus on laughter and gratitude! What a life we can live today. So nice to meet you Sonya!

  2. Love this phrase: I am a very small puzzle piece in a very big picture Please, sir, may I have another? :o)


    Sean Wright Neeley Phone: 972-979-8974 Web site: Blog: Facebook/Twitter: Seanarchy


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