Drama Haters…or Not?

A woman I met this week on an airplane complained about everything the entire flight…loudly. Toward the end of the flight she asked me why I was going to Denver.

“To speak about being drama-free at a conference,” I answered, impaling her with my eyes.

Her response?

“Good for you. So many people have a problem with that and those people have made my life miserable.”

Her oblivious response was not a surprise. Typically, those of us who cause the most drama denounce it the loudest. Mentioning it to her would have done no good. It took years and multiple messengers before I saw the drama in myself. And when I finally got it, I quit wasting the airspace with hate for anyone and anything that crossed me.

Here’s to a drama-free day!

4 thoughts on “Drama Haters…or Not?

  1. People who have no life will try to start drama in yours.

    • You are right. Most of the time it is unconscious, I think. Simply because they are either so wrapped up in themselves or trying to find significance by getting our involvement maybe. So nice to hear from you.

  2. Jonny Hornsey

    Pam I love this one! Its such an ingrained habit for us to blame others, and it takes such discipline to look inside and take responsibility. Thanks for this reminder

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